Description Price
Wheel Repair
Repair / unbenting / straightening NO CRACK $100+
Repairs including crack / cracks $125+
Reapir and recondition to Silver powder Coat $175+
Sanding back side to stop a air leak $50+
Cleaning Curb rashes and Scratches only $40+
Two & Three piece Wheel
dismountÙˆ remount, Seal and torque to specs $125 each

We do a full line of services on wheels, from repair to powder coating, paint stripping, media blasting and stop air from leaking out.We fix curb rashes and chips. please contact us for any question you may have to fix your rim.

Please Remove the tires, caps and sensors. dismounting tire cost $7.5 each and remount/balance $15+




Chrome plate all hand levers, foot pegs, peg brackets and heat shields

(levers = 4, pegs = 4, peg brackets = 4 and Heel guards = 2) sport bikes only



5% off for Active Military Personnel, Police Officers and Firefighters