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Old School Cadillac Rims and Grills

Rims: originally '83-'84 Cadillac spoke rims or Cragar Star Wire Performance Wheel

also called swangas, elbows, 30 Spokes.

Chrome Only : $275-$350

unbent and straightening : $125

Chrome 5th wheel only $250 and up

Chrome Belt and Buckle set ( 2 belts , 2 buckles) $200-$250

Custom made Cadillac Grill $200 and up

Custom made Cadillac grill cover $175 and up

With appointment only

We need to schedule the repair with the machine shop. 30 spokes Cragar is a Steel rim with Aluminum hub. since we can't dismount the rim during the chroming process there will be some discoloration where the wire reaches the barrel and where it reaches the center hub (around 1/4" dia.). and this is as best as it can get.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question. 
Chrome Plating Specials
Chrome plate all hand levers, foot pegs, peg brackets and heat shields(levers = 4, pegs = 4, peg brackets = 4 and Heel guards = 2) sport bikes $425 

5% off for Active Military Personnel, Police Officers and Firefighters

Minimum Order $50