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Polishing Process

Atlas Plating offers mirror polish, satin finish and brush finish .  for samples please visit our photo gallery .  

#8 mirror polishing 
is the most reflective polished finish that is covered by the ASTM standards. It is produced by sanding from 150 to 320 grit then buffing starts and  continues for an additional five to ten minutes. the grit lines are almost invisible, but they can be seen if the finish is examined closely. The resulting finish is mirror-like but not a perfect mirror.Application includes Clean rooms, Column covers, Mirrors, Ornamental trim, Press plates, Reflectors, Signage, Wall panels

#4 Finish is characterized by short, parallel polishing lines, which extend uniformly along the length of the piece. Depending on the requirements of the application, the final finish can be anywhere between 120 and 320 grit. Higher grit numbers produce finer polishing lines and more reflective finishes. Application includes Appliances, Architectural wall panels, Beverage equipment, Boat fittings, Bus shelters, Clean rooms, Column covers, Dairy equipment, Elevator doors and interiors, Escalator trim, Food processing equipment, Furniture,Highway tank trailers, Hospital surfaces and equipment, Instrument or control panels, Kitchen equipment, Luggage handling equipment, Mass transit equipment, Restaurant equipment, Sinks, Sterilizers, Storefronts, Water fountains

Brush Finish 
this is rougher kind of finish with parallel lines, the final finish could be anywhere between 40-120 grit.

Satin Finish
this is basically a mirror polish at first, the satin lines are added later by steel pads.


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Chrome Plating Specials
Chrome plate all hand levers, foot pegs, peg brackets and heat shields(levers = 4, pegs = 4, peg brackets = 4 and Heel guards = 2) sport bikes $425 

5% off for Active Military Personnel, Police Officers and Firefighters

Minimum Order $50