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Stripping and De-plating 

Description Price
Stripping, de-plating (deplating) Only
up to 20" wheel deplating to bare metal $85+
21"-22" de-plating to bare metal $125+
up to 20" wheel Paint Stripping / removing $55+
21"-22" wheel Paint Stripping / removing $75+
parts shot blasting and acid dip cleaning $50+
Removing chrome and roughing Nickel for paint/powder $50+
Atlas Chrome Plating uses different processes for striping the old plating. We can de-plate the parts which are covered by Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Brass, Gold, etc. without damaging the base metal. We also strip paint off the parts. If you have a cracked or broken wheel it has to be stripped first before any welding.
the challenging part of stripping is related to one of the electroplating properties. the thickness of electroplated layer is not uniform, it is proportional to the electricity flux at each point. the amount of electrical current is a function of geometry , sharp corners attract the most current density and deep corners the least , when we start de-plating by reversing the electrical flow, often the area with thin plating strip first while in some area we still see the plating layers. so sometimes in order to preserve the piece we have to stop and remove the rest of plating layer by sanding.
Please keep in mind that there are different levels of de-plating. please call and explain what you need we may be able to save you some money.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.
Chrome Plating Specials
Chrome plate all hand levers, foot pegs, peg brackets and heat shields(levers = 4, pegs = 4, peg brackets = 4 and Heel guards = 2) sport bikes $425 

5% off for Active Military Personnel, Police Officers and Firefighters

Minimum Order $50