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*   Some metals like Billet Aluminum are not made for plating and natural adhesion is not strong. We use Acid Copper to build up an strong shell but the fact remains. There is no way to predict how long a chromed billet Aluminum surface last. Same goes with pot metal/pewter when it comes to rechroming.

* Multi-pieces, riveted and bolted wheels are chrome plated on a BEST EFFORT BASIS only , NO WARRANTY 

* Wheels previously chrome plated will be RE-CHROMED on a BEST EFFORT BASIS only NO WARRANTY. 

* Aluminum Swing Arms 90 days warranty , Extended Swing Arms NO WARRANTY


* Billet Aluminum Wheels conditional Warranty. Call for details.    

* Pot metal/Pewter NO WARRANTY.  

* Unusual process which is not recommended by ATLAS would be performed on customer’s risk with no guarantee or warranty. ATLAS will not be responsible whatsoever on any lost or damages ( for example, Plating air intakes, reservoirs, calipers or unusual geometry or material)   

* Color chrome always have a top clear coat and may has trapped dust, fish eye and orange peel. 

* In general everything else comes with one year warranty against plating defects, Warranty does not cover damages due to impacts( chip and crack), salt , abrasive materials.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.
Chrome Plating Specials
Chrome plate all hand levers, foot pegs, peg brackets and heat shields(levers = 4, pegs = 4, peg brackets = 4 and Heel guards = 2) sport bikes $325-$375 

5% off for Active Military Personnel, Police Officers and Firefighters

Minimum Order $50